We at PPMR have a clear demarcation between the process of sourcing and recruiting. These are individual domains and are treated so at PPMR. We proactively identify people who are either actively looking for a job or those who are not actively looking for a job (passive candidates). Even though a candidate is passive we tap into these sources for the purpose of engaging and building relationships with these potential employees. We follow some of the best sourcing techniques.

A Compelling vision:

Sourcing for us begins with a compelling vision for what exactly a job requires. We try and identify the key skills or exact requirements of a person in a particular job. We understand that candidates often look for jobs/companies that offer growth opportunities.

Efficacy with resume databases:

We maximize our return on time investment by calling the best candidates within a week. For the rest of the candidates we convert older resumes into active candidates without actually calling them. In addition we write a great email message that describes the remarkable opportunities we have, then have it mailed to candidates who meet our screening requirements and eventually ask them to respond.

Other than the above we adapt the technique of networking. We often get in touch with the right candidate by spreading the word as regards that particular requirement.